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Today DEUTZ AG can look back on a history of more than 150 years: in 1864 the firm was founded as the first engine factory in the world. In 1867 the company's founder Nicolaus August Otto developed the first combustion engine in the world to be produced in significant quantities: the atmospheric gas engine. 

In 1876 the ingenious autodidact created the first fully functioning and developable four-stroke engine and thereby established the motorisation of the planet from the Cologne suburb of Deutz. The company's historically unique collection of engines goes back to the year 1875. As long ago as 1925 it was made accessible to the public in a factory museum. At the DEUTZ Technical Centre today over 50 historic engines covering an area of around 600 m² provide a fascinating insight into the history of combustion engine construction. The atmospheric gas engine of 1867, the original four-stroke test engine dated 1876, the first diesel engine without a crosshead of 1898 and many other exhibits impressively document the development of the engine technology and illustrate the historic significance of Cologne as an economic and technology centre. There are also modern developments on display at the Technical Centre, for example the legendary air-cooled engines, the medium-sized and large engines known all over the world, as well as state-of-the-art engines which lead the world from the environmental and economical point of view.

Deutz offer the most successful engine systems in the world”. In the year 1864, DEUTZ was the first engine manufacturer in the world – and to be first in the future, too. First when it comes to customer value, quality, and technology, as well as systems solutions and service solutions, on all matters related to engines – and, last but not least,first in the market. As the leading independent supplier in the premium segment, Deutz to be the innovations leader in technology geared to market requirements.  Aiming to not only provide engines to our customers, but complete systems solutions and comprehensive services. The name DEUTZ will remain the synonym for quality in the future. The goal is to offer  customers the best cost-benefit ratio and generate the greatest customer satisfaction with products and services. Since its foundation in the year 1864, DEUTZ has stood for pioneering spirit, passion and innovative power. From the time  it first invented the internal combustion engine  that  has been improving it day by day. Deutz is the forerunner in the development of environmentally - friendly and efficient drive technologies.  Its customer-specific solutions provide lasting quality and reliable power with economical overall costs. Together with us as authorized partners, Deutz is already developing today the technologies for the requirements of tomorrow.

If you want to know what is behind the DEUTZ brand, there are people all over the world who can tell you. Whereever DEUTZ engines are in use, there is one thing our customers can be sure of: you can depend on a DEUTZ. No matter what the demands. No matter where in the world. The name DEUTZ has a firm place in the world of machine manufacturers and machine operators. And has had for over 150 years.

DEUTZ  positioning:
- independent manufacturer of diesel engines
- complete product range from 25 to 560 kW
- engines for all areas of application
- cooling systems: air, oil, and water
- engines tailor-made to customers' needs
- economy: life-cycle cost advantages
- service-orientated
- global reach with subsidiaries and strategic partners
- internal abilities: quick, flexible, and innovative
- reliable supplier.


Mobile Machinery
Construction equipment
24 KW - 520 KW
16 KW – 500 KW
Agriculture machinery
38 KW – 520 KW
Bus and Truck
118 KW – 247 KW
27 KW – 500 KW

Also available EU stage II, III, IV and V product range and cooling system (air cooling, water cooling and oil cooling).

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