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CHP plants for distributed generation of heat and power.
Highly efficient and reliable. 20 to 4,000 kW.

Would you like to produce power and heat yourself in future and sustainably reduce the energy costs in your business?

A 2G power plant is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to reduce energy costs in the long-term and wishing to protect themselves against further increases in the price of electricity. As a pioneer, innovator and one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of distributed power generation systems using cogeneration (also known as combined heat and power or CHP), we have commissioned thousands of technologically advanced, highly efficient CHP plants since 1995.

Satisfied customers in more than 35 countries confirm the quality, performance and reliability of our products and solutions. 2G is listed as a publicly traded company on the Entry Standard of the German Stock Exchange and has a workforce of more than 550 employees.

The 2G product range includes CHP plants ranging in electrical output from 20 kW to 4,000 kW.

The Efficiency of a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)

Technical advantages CHP:

The heat of the combustion
process can be used
(more than 90% total efficiency)
Decentral and highly flexible Reliable System
(Security of Supply)

2G power plants have already demonstrated their strengths in many places, e.g. in residential buildings, office and administration buildings, nurseries, schools, hotels, senior citizen centers, hospitals and a wide variety of industrial and commercial businesses. Nowadays, virtually every business is suitable for the use of cogeneration.


Profitable small power plant
20 KW - 50 KW
Compact biogas specialist
50 KW - 150 KW
Traditional solution
50 KW - 400 KW
Evolution in efficiency
80 KW - 450 KW
Built for big task
400 KW - 4000 KW


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