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Power Genset (Generating Set)

All-In-One Solutions for Electric Power Generation

PT. Maxi Utama Energy can offer our customers a complete series of all-in-one solutions for electric power generation in the power range between 10kVa and 5000 kVA with Diesel and Gas fired engine.  We can even construct complex power plants by synchronization gen-sets, which will then result in a total output of several 20000 kVA in parallel operation.

We can provide EPC and design  for COGEN system with Absorption chiller or Boiler to maximize the usage of Exhaust gas (fuel gas) and jacket water heat. Thus, customers will always save energy and perfectly helping environment  to meet green energy concept in reducing global warming issue. Costs for purchasing, operation and maintenance are within a reasonable limit - especially, if you consider the great field of applications as well as the long lifespan of our generator sets.

Due to a non-stop "Supply Chain" we are able to guarantee extremely  high quality and reliability.Customers will always have a personal contact person  for all product and service supplies  to give you professional answers to your  queries.


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