Quality Statement - PT. Maxi Utama Energy


We understands the market trends and customers’ expectations. Our channel management offers products that are most suitable for the market sector, optimizes costs for the customers and efficiently manages order and product fulfillment.

We works closely with customers on equipment design, engineering application, installation and evaluation right through to signing off on the product. We support marketing initiatives that increase our customers’ sales and profits. We provide value for our customers by continuously improving our infrastructure, skills, procurement processes and logistics management in our highly integrated value chain framework.

PT. Maxi Utama Energy is strongly committed to its policy for occupational safety, quality assurance and environmental protection. In this framework, the company targets the implementation of management systems in particular, and for years has taken measures to achieve certification standards and continually improve the health and safety of workers, product quality and impact on the environment

Our quality department consist of:
  • Comprehensive Special Tools
  • Testing area and facility
  • Assembling and repair area
  • Training area
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PT Maxi Utama Energy is an ISO 9001 certified company. It has a quality management system and a
robust internal process that deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

PT Maxi Utama Energy has been audited on yearly basis to meet the best service facility:

We offers extensive support throughout the lifetime of your engine.